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  • Advise the Government on legislative and developmental policies affecting women;

  • Undertake necessary steps at the Government and public level to protect constitutional and legal rights of women in general and poor among them in particular;

  • Monitor the implementation of laws and welfare measures concerning women and initiate action for legal and administrative reforms to improve status of women;

  • Investigate suo-moto or on complaint into the discrimination and victimization of women and recommend remedial action to the Government and initiate judicial proceedings wherever necessary for effective remedy;

  • Conduct studies and research into the problems of women and report the same to the Government for appropriate action;

  • Demand prosecution in offences committed against women and assist prosecution with evidence and legal services;

  • Inspect police stations, look-ups, sub-jails, rescue homes or other places of custody where women are kept to find out the facilities and treatment provided to women and seek remedial action from the appropriate authorities;

  • Conduct public interest litigation on behalf of groups of women in general, and in special, in an individual case of a women, who suffer from injustice or discrimination; and provide legal aid and rehabilitation in deserving cases;

  • Approach and assist the courts on behalf of women to ensure justice in matrimonial disputes;

  • Investigate and examine all matters relating to the safeguards provided for women under the Constitution and other laws;

  • Present to the Government, annually and at such other times as the Commission may deem fit, reports upon the working of the safe-guards referred to in the proceeding clauses;

  • Make in such reports recommendations for the effective implementation of the aforesaid safeguards for improving the conditions of women by the Union or any State;

  • Review, from time to time, the existing provisions of the Constitution and other laws affecting women and recommend amendments thereto so as to suggest remedial legislative measures to meet any lacunae inadequacies or shortcomings in such legislation; and

  • Any other matter which may be referred to it by the Government.

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